Melting Rubik’s Cube T-Shirt



Does this Melting Rubik’s Cube t-shirt look familiar? It probably does because you watch way too much Big Bang Theory like me. This is actually one of my favorite t-shirts and it’s also just one of many worn by Sheldon on the show. It comes at you from TV Store Online for $18.95 and it’s officially licensed. If you’re looking for that episode it’s season 5, episode 11 (The Speckerman Recurrence). You can also check out their entire Big Theory Merchandise page if this design doesn’t do it for you.

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Check out what’s hot from Snorg Tees now, but Don’t Read the Next Sentence

Do Not Read the Next Sentence T-Shirt


Sometimes it’s the t-shirts that do not have a fancy graphic that just make me smile. And this one is no exception. It comes at you from a t-shirt shop called Snorg Tees and will only set you back a cool twenty spot. You can check it out here or you can peep another one of my favorite Snorg creations, the Pirate Crossword Puzzle t-shirt. It’s your call.

What other t-shirts am I stoked on lately? This one comes from one of my favorite movies from back in the day. Here’s a hint: “It’s Kinda Hot in these Rhinos.”

It’s Kinda Hot in These Rhinos T-Shirt



If you’re young you probably don’t care about Ace Ventura. But if you’re a little older like me, the franchise probably connects with you on a deeper level. Remember, when these movies came out there weren’t smartphones, Netflix or a thousand options on what to watch. We used to have to rent VHS cassette tapes from the movie store – yeah, the movie store, that was a thing. Anyway, the Rhino scene in Ace Ventura When Nature Calls never gets old. You should really check out the video below before you buy this t-shirt, I’m still laughing!

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Do you have a family member that’s technically an adult, but really not – get them the Grown Adult Person t-shirt